The 5 Best Things About Studying Medicine

My last post was about the 5 worst things about studying medicine. In order to balance things out, I thought I ought to tell you the 5 best things … otherwise you might think I’m a bit mad for still studying here!

So to begin

  1. First and foremost, I love the nature of the work we do. I struggle to focus unless I’m genuinely interested and excited about a topic. This means that something as ever-changing and complex as medicine is perfect for me, because I will constantly be challenged, even after I graduate and begin to practice.
  2. It’s great to know you’re studying for a career with a great amount of stability. While it’s not possible to guarantee which speciality you’ll go into, or which hospital you will end up at, there is no denying that the world will always need doctors. Your degree is an invaluable asset, in this respect; something you should never take for granted.
  3. One of my favourite parts of my degree is getting to hang out with other medical students. ‘Work hard, play hard’ will become your lifelong motto, and, while medical students do have a huge workload, we more than make up for it when we finally take time off! I’ve made some of the most wonderful friends in medical school, and absolutely love the mixture of characters it attracts.
  4. This may seem a little odd, but one thing I’m incredibly grateful for is the length of my degree, and time in education. While 6 years (at least) may seem like a long time to spend in university, I think medical students are lucky to be able to leave education as some of the most prepared members of the British workforce. Given the importance of the sort of work we do, the ability to prepare so thoroughly is something I will always appreciate.
  5. One of the most unique and touching things about being a medical student, is the relationship you are able to form with your patients. This relationship can often be even more personal that a relationship a patient will have with their doctor, because, as a student, you are less intimidating, and also have more time to spend with each patient, allowing you to grow much closer. Our ability to have such special connections with our patients is something I appreciate the most about being a medical student.

So there you have it! Medical school isn’t all bad. In actuality, this is one of the most valuable life experiences I will ever have, and, despite some down-sides, I wouldn’t change it for the world.!

Let me know what you love about being a medical student by commenting below!

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