Staying Motivated, When You Feel Like You’re Falling Behind

So, as many of you may know, I’m in the middle of my exams, hence my noticeable absence from social media and my blog.

One of the parts I’ve really struggled with, ┬áis motivation. I’m in my fifth year now, and though I’m near the end of my degree, I often feel a little like I’m stagnating. Most of my friends have graduated, and are fully in the swing of ‘adult life’: graduate jobs, apartments, and lives that no longer revolve around studying and exams.

Not only this, but, as a result of starting my blog, I’ve begun to spend more time on social media, and if there is ever a medium that will make you feel like your life is inadequate, social media is the one!

With time, I’ve developed a few patterns of thought, to help me deal with the feeling of being ‘left behind’; hopefully they can help you!

  1. Visualise you end goal: it’s always important to remember why it is that you’re doing, what you’re doing. It’s very easy to look at where you are now, and forget that it’s a part of a greater journey, so take the time to really think about how all of your hard work, will be worth it in the end
  2. Appreciate small goals: often when you’re surrounded by people making huge leaps, you can ignore the little achievements that you make your self. It’s important to realise when you allow others to skew your perspective, and take a moment to reset.
  3. Have a social media purge: limiting the amount of time you can spend obsessing about everyone else’s life, can often be very healthy! And when you do use social media, remember that what you see are the highlights, and not the whole picture.
  4. Plan: writing down my short, and long, term goals, is a great way of reminding you that you ARE working towards something, and highlighting your achievements. Ticking things of lists always makes me feel accomplished!

Hopefully these tips help you, the way they have helped me! I hope you enjoyed this post, be sure to check out my others, and comment below with any tips you have.