My Top 5 Study Tips For Medical Students

Hi guys!

As a medical student, there is infinite amount of information that we need to learn. It took me a long time to work out how best I learn; hopefully the tricks I now utilise, can help you.

1. First pass: the first time you learn something is the most important; understanding a topic, makes it that much easier to remember. So make sure you have a look over your notes after your lectures and teaching, and set a solid foundation for later revision.

2. Practice questions: these are great for highlighting what you don’t know. Don’t be scared to do these early on in the year, even if you get things wrong, this often just makes the point more memorable!

3. Say it out loud: talking around the topic in depth will help with your memory, you can do this with a discussion group, friends, or even just reading your notes allowed. Hearing the information, as opposed to reading, can make the information stick!

4. Prioritise: there is a never ending flow of information to learn, it’s not realistic to expect to remember everything. You need to be selective, and focus on the important aspects of each topic; trying to learn too much will backfire.

5. Make it clinical: try to apply the information you learn to a patient or clinical information. Imagining how the thing you learn can practically be put to use, makes them so much easier to remember.

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